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Works from 2017


Quality of life in chronic pancreatitis is determined by constant pain, disability/unemployment, current smoking, and associated co-morbidities, Jorge D Machicado, Stephen T Amann, Michelle A Anderson, Judah Abberbock, Stuart Sherman, Darwin L Conwell, Gregory A Cote, Vikesh K Singh, Michele D Lewis, Samer Alkaade, Bimaljit S Sandhu, Nalini M Guda, Thiruvengadam Muniraj, Gong Tang, John Baillie, Randall E Brand, Timothy B Gardner, Andres Gelrud, Christopher E Forsmark, Peter A Banks, Adam Slivka, C Mel Wilcox, David C Whitcomb, and Dhiraj Yadav (Article)

Works from 2015


Tu1498: Increased awareness enhances physician recognition of the role of smoking on chronic pancreatitis (CP), Dhiraj Yadav, Bimaljit S. Sandhu, Michele Lewis, C Mel Wilcox, Tian Ye, Timothy Gardner, Andres Gelrud, Samer Alkaade, Gregory A. Cote, Christopher E. Forsmark, Nalini Guda, Michelle A Anderson, Darwin Conwell, Peter A. Banks, Thiruvengadam Muniraj, Joseph Romagnuolo, Randall Brand, Stephen R. Wisniewski, Stuart Sherman, Adam Slivka, and David C Whitcomb (Abstract)