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Caffeine ameliorates hyperoxia-induced lung injury by protecting GCH1 function in neonatal rat pups
Xigang Jing, Yi-Wen Huang, Jason Jarzembowski, Yang Shi, Girija G Konduri, and Ru-Jeng Teng


Acute achilles rupture percutaneous repair: approach,materials, techniques
Jason G. DeVries, Brandon M. Scharer, and Benjamin J Summerhays


ASPEN safe practices for enteral nutrition therapy [formula: see text]
Joseph I Boullata, Amy Long Carrera, Lillian Harvey, Arlene A Escuro, Lauren Hudson, Andrew Mays, Carol McGinnis, Jacqueline J Wessel, Sarita Bajpai, Mara Lee Beebe, Tamara J Kinn, Mark G Klang, Linda Lord, Karen Martin, Cecelia Pompeii-Wolfe, Jackie Sullivan, Abby Wood, Ainsley Malone, and Peggi Guenter


Health-related quality-of-life changes in patients implanted with leadless pacemaker
Vivek Y Reddy, Derek V Exner, Imran Niazi, Ning Yan Gu, Nirav Dalal, Ashish Oza, and John Ip


136-37: Health-related quality-of-life in patients with leadless pacemaker
Vivek Y Reddy, Derek V Exner, Imran Niazi, Rajesh Banker, Ning Yan Gu, Nirav Dalal, Ashish Oza, and John Ip


Identification of Incident Uterine Fibroids Using Electronic Medical Record Data
Onchee Yu, Renate Schulze-Rath, Susan Reed, Jane Grafton, Kelly Hansen, and Delia Scholes


Sleep Deprivation in Hospitalized Patients Over the Age of 60: An Approach to Recruitment Challenges in an Inpatient Setting
Ariana Ruiz, Alice Pressman, Katie Stone, Lisa Dean, Sarah Robinson, and Phillip Yu


Direct Adjustment of Obesity Estimates in the Colorado BMI Monitoring System
Liza Reifler, Eric Bell, David Tabano, Jennifer Barrow, LeeAnn Rohm, Rickey Tolliver, and Matthew Daley


Stakeholders’ Views on Data Sharing and Multisite Research
Kathleen Mazor, Marsha Raebel, David Arterburn, Allison Richards, Mia Gallagher, W. Benjamin Nowell, and Darren Toh


Fidelity Measurement of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Intervention in a Randomized Controlled Feasibility Trial for Migraine Patients
Heather Law, Bob Stahl, Andrew Avins, Sylvia Sudat, Alice Jacobson, Jessica Liu, Marina Dolginsky, Lisa Dean, and Alice Pressman


Identification of Migraine at Sutter Health: An Application of an EHR-Based Algorithm
Alice Jacobson, Heather Law, Andrew Avins, Sylvia Sudat, Jessica Liu, Lisa Dean, and Alice Pressman


Enrolling Patients in the Sutter Health Biobank: Lessons Learned From Testing Different Recruitment Methods
Katherine Gillespie, Yasmin Hernandez, Lu Wah Hung, and Harold Luft


Feasibility of Collecting Patient-Reported Outcomes After Major Cancer Surgery: A Survey of Kaiser Permanente Members Six Months After Cystectomy for Bladder Cancer
Joanna Bulkley, Maureen O'Keeffe-Rosetti, Christopher Wendel, James Davis, Michael Leo, Sheila Weinmann, Julie Munneke, Teresa Harrison, Marilyn Kwan, Kim Danforth, and Carmit McMullen


Preference for Immediate Release of Test Results Through a Patient Portal Differs by Demographics and Type of Results
Cathryn Peltz-Rauchman, George Divine, Daniel McLaren, Ko Un Park, Ilan Rubinfeld, Michelle Schreiber, Christine Cole Johnson, and David Allard

*Updated as of 08/16/17.