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The Garage was built after 1919. It may have housed the hospital’s horses and associated wagons and buggies. When Milwaukee Sanitarium got rid of its equine transportation, the hospital’s laboratory was then located on the bottom floor. It also had employee apartments on the upper floor. After 1947, the laboratory moved to another building. The building then housed the hospital’s vehicles on the first floor, along with the hospital’s beauty shop (“Vanity Fair”) on the first floor too. Several employee apartments were still in use on the upper floor at this time. The hospital’s grounds keeper, Curt Gardner, lived in the building during his whole career at the hospital. The Garage use to be located close to the present day Gymnasium. The building was moved to its present position (south of Kradwell School) in 1982 in order to make room for the new hospital. In 2016, the hospital built a non-brick structure adjacent to the garage to house the campuses growing fleet of service vehicles. That structure replaced a similar looking building that was located behind the current brick Garage, but was torn down in 2017 in order to make room for the new Dewey enter. The old brick Garage (Building 9) is still used by the hospital’s Building and Grounds Department for equipment storage.


Jon Van Beckum, Archivist


1919 to present



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Aurora Psychiatric Hospital Archives


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Garage, Milwaukee Sanitarium