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Dewey Hall was constructed at some point after 1919. It may have been referred to as Dewey Cottage or Dewey House at one point too. It was a patient housing unit. It contained an 11 bed and a 9 bed nursing units. The basement was used as a patient recreation area and had kitchen too. In 1982, the hospital’s in-patient school moved into the building. The house was then renamed Kradwell High School, in honor of Dr. William Kradwell. In 1986, an elementary program was added, and the school changed its name to Kradwell School. By 1995, the school no longer served the hospital’s in-patient populations as a result of a restructuring in the hospital’s in-patient services. At that time, the demand for the school’s educational services from surrounding school districts allowed the school to offer a wide range of academic classes and a summer school program. In 2005-2006, the school was remodeled and expanded to better serve its expanding educational cliental. Currently (2017), Kradwell School (Building 10) is a private school with a dedicated staff of teachers and support personnel that services approximately 100 6-12th grade students from the surrounding school districts in the greater Milwaukee County area, and the counties that ring Milwaukee County.


Jon Van Beckum, Archivist


1919 to present



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Aurora Psychiatric Hospital Archives


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Dewey Hall, Milwaukee Sanitarium