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Works from 2016

Measurement of salivary cortisone to assess the adequacy of hydrocortisone replacement, Hershel Raff (Article)


Prediction and detection models for acute kidney injury in hospitalized older adults., Rohit J Kate, Ruth M. Perez, Debesh Mazumdar, Kalyan S Pasupathy, and Vani Nilakantan (Article)


Racial Disparities in Outcomes Following Kidney Transplantation: A Single-Center Experience, Vani Nilakantan, Maharaj Singh, Ruth M. Perez, Yang Shi, Ahmed Dalmar, Brittany T. Last, and Ajay Sahajpal (Original Research)

Social media in cancer care: highlights, challenges & opportunities, Deanna J Attai, Mina S Sedrak, Matthew S Katz, Michael A. Thompson, Patricia F Anderson, Jennifer C Kesselheim, Michael J Fisch, David L Graham, Audun Utengen, Claire Johnston, Robert S Miller, and Don S Dizon (Article)

Survivors speak: a qualitative analysis of motivational factors influencing breast cancer survivors' participation in a sprint distance triathlon, Karen M Robinson, Linda B Piacentine, Leslie J. Waltke, Alexander V Ng, and Judy A. Tjoe (Article)

Works from 2015

Abstract 14694: Ventricular Fibroblasts Expression of Orai1 and Ca2+ -influx Through ICRAC is Increased in Human Heart Failure, Gracious R. Ross, Tanvir Bajwa, Kelsey Kraft, Milanka Cosic, Larisa Emelyanova, Farhan Rizvi, Ekhson Holmuhamedov, Paul H. Werner, A. Jamil Tajik, and Arshad Jahangir (Abstract)


A Meta-Analysis of Incidence and Risk Factors of Trastuzumab-Induced Cardiotoxicity in Breast Cancer, Zeeshan Ali Jawa, Ruth M. Perez, Lydia Garlie, Maharaj Singh, Rubina Qamar, Bijoy K. Khandheria, Arshad Jahangir, and Yang Shi (Supplement)


An Automated Model Using Electronic Health Record Data to Identify Delirium Among Hospitalized Older Adults: A Pilot Project, Ariba Khan, Maharaj Singh, Hina Singh, Ayesha Maria, and Michelle Simpson (Supplement)


Contemporary Usage of Intra-Arterial Catheter-Directed Thrombolytic (CDT) Power Pulse Spray With Rheolytic Thrombectomy in Failed CDT Alone for Acute Limb Ischemia, Hani Hashim, M. Fuad Jan, Maharaj Singh, Suhail Allaqaband, Tanvir Bajwa, and Anjan Gupta (Supplement)

Cushing syndrome: update on testing, Hershel Raff (Article)

Disease-Specific Hashtags for Online Communication About Cancer Care, Matthew S Katz, Audun Utengen, Patricia F Anderson, Michael A. Thompson, Deanna J Attai, Claire Johnston, and Don S Dizon (Article)


Does the Expression of Ki-67, p16 and COX-2 at Initial Diagnosis of Breast Atypia or Usual Ductal Hyperplasia Predict a Second Clinically Significant Event?, Judy A. Tjoe, Philippe Gascard, Jianxin Zhao, Gary F. Neitzel, Maharaj Singh, Brittany Last, James Marx, Thea Tlsty, and Sanjay Kansra (Supplement)


Fair Weight Loss After Gastric Rebanding for Slippage, Ahmed Dalmar, Maharaj Singh, Sara K. Roloff, and Thomas Y. Chua (Supplement)


Feasibility of Atrial Delivery and Tracking of Stem Cells in a Porcine Model, Nina Garlie, Timothy Hacker, Eric G. Schmuck, Jill Koch, Jayant Khitha, Amish Raval, and Indrajit Choudhuri (Supplement)


Incidence of Breast, Colorectal and Lung Cancers and Mortality Among Women Within Midwestern States, Ruth M. Perez, Matthew Rappelt, Kathryn Kossow, and Maharaj Singh (Supplement)

In support of a patient-driven initiative and petition to lower the high price of cancer drugs, A Tefferi, H Kantarjian, S V. Rajkumar, and Michael A. Thompson (Article)

Intermittent neonatal hypoxia elicits the upregulation of inflammatory-related genes in adult male rats through long-lasting programming effects, Ashley Gehrand, Mary L Kaldunski, Eric D. Bruder, Shuang Jia, Martin J Hessner, and Hershel Raff (Article)


In Vitro Growth Suppression of Renal Carcinoma Cells by Curcumin, Santhi Konduri, Madhavi Latha Yadav Bangaru, Phu Thanh Do, Shenglin Chen, Jeffrey Woodliff, and Sanjay Kansra (Supplement)

Mortality and complications following surgery for diverticulitis: Systematic review and meta-analysis, Jason M. Haas, Maharaj Singh, and Nimish Vakil (Article)


Prognostic Indices for Hospitalized Older Adults: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review, Ariba Khan, Ayesha Maria, James Hocker, Maharaj Singh, and Michelle Simpson (Supplement)

Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D, calcium, and calcium-regulating hormones in preeclamptics and controls during first day postpartum, Ahmed Dalmar, Hershel Raff, Suneet P. Chauhan, Maharaj Singh, and Danish S. Siddiqui (Article)

Social Media and the practicing hematologist: Twitter 101 for the busy healthcare provider, Michael A. Thompson, Navneet S Majhail, William A Wood, Miguel-Angel Perales, and Mélanie Chaboissier (Article)


Stent Thrombosis: Regional Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Outcomes, Andrew M. Ayers, Chi C. Cho, Robyn Shearer, M. Fuad Jan, and Anjan Gupta (Supplement)


Tertiary Center Experience of Catheter-Directed Thrombolysis for Immediately Threatened Acute Lower Limb Ischemia of Native Vessels and Bypass Graft Thrombosis, Hani Hashim, M. Fuad Jan, Maharaj Singh, Suhail Allaqaband, Tanvir Bajwa, and Anjan Gupta (Supplement)

TGF-β1-mediated differentiation of fibroblasts is associated with increased mitochondrial content and cellular respiration, Ulugbek Negmadjanov, Zarko Godic, Farhan Rizvi, Larisa Emelyanova, Gracious R. Ross, John O. Richards, Ekhson Holmuhamedov, and Arshad Jahangir (Article)


The Effect of Percutaneous Closure of Large Atrial Septal Defects on Right Ventricular Function in Adults, Armaan Shaikh, Alejandro Lopez-Mas, Suhail Allaqaband, Bijoy K. Khandheria, Abraham Getenet, Matt M. Umland, Maharaj Singh, and Tanvir Bajwa (Supplement)


Using an Automated Model to Identify Older Patients at Risk for 30-Day Hospital Readmission and 30-Day Mortality, Ariba Khan, Mary L. Hook, Maharaj Singh, Marsha Vollbrecht, Aaron Malsch, and Michael L. Malone (Supplement)

What Medical Informaticians Do With and Think About an International Medical Informatics Listserv: Member Survey Preliminary Findings, Craig Kuziemsky, Martha B Adams, Bonnie Kaplan, Kourosh Ravvaz, and Ross Koppel (Article)

Works from 2014

Abstract 16736: Does left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implantation affect the driving patterns in patients with end stage heart failure?, Mamatha Pinninti, Christina A. Rivera, Chris C. Cho, Vinay Thohan, Omar Cheema, Thomas Hastings, John Crouch, Francis X. Downey, and Nasir Z. Sulemanjee (Abstract)

A decade of early intervention for psychiatric patients in hospital emergency departments by a behavioral health intake team, Vani Ray, Joy Mead-Meucci, Mary Pelner, and Maharaj Singh (Abstract)

An analysis of cancer-specific Twitter conversations among physicians in 2013, Brian Bowers Reid, Kayla Nicole Rodriguez, Michael A. Thompson, and Greg Dean Matthews (Abstract)

An electronic medical record marker for delirium in hospitalized elderly, John Lung, Ariba Khan, Kanwardeep Singh, Michael L. Malone, and Maharaj Singh (Abstract)

Biobehavioral measures as outcomes: a cautionary tale, Christine R Kovach, Diana Lynn Woods, Elizabeth C Devine, Brent R Logan, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Bone mineral density screening should be routine in lymphoma patients, Michael A. Thompson, Jason R. Westin, and Frederick B. Hagemeister (Letter)

Breast atypia: timing of progression to subsequent clinically significant event, Judy A. Tjoe, Maharaj Singh, Brittany S. Last, Gary F. Neitzl, J J. Marx, and C Jewett (Abstract)

Combination of ASA with dabigatran or rivaroxaban increases risk of bleeding without additional benefit of stroke reduction in patients with atrial fibrillation, Anton Strunets, Mahek Mirza, Chris C. Cho, Jasbir Sra, and Arshad Jahangir (Poster)

Connect MDS and AML: The myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and acute myeloid leukemia (AML) disease registry, David P. Steensma, Mehrdad Abedi, Eyal C. Attar, Rafael Bejar, Christopher R. Cogle, Guillermo Garcia-Manero, David L. Grinblatt, Xiaomei Ma, Jaroslaw P. Maciejewski, Daniel Aaron Pollyea, Gail J. Roboz, Michael Savona, Bart L. Scott, Mikkael A. Sekeres, and Michael A. Thompson (Abstract)

Contemporary review of the use of mild therapeutic hypothermia among comatose survivors after cardiopulmonary resuscitation: a tertiary care center's 4.5-year experience, Anushree Agarwal M.D., Tonga Nfor, Brajesh K. Agrawal, Daniel Ortiz, Ludmil V. Lazarov, Chris Cho, Anna Tyszkowska, Surya Palakuru, Arshad Jahangir, Tanvir Bajwa, Anjan Gupta, and Suhail Allaqaband (Abstract)

Diabetes mellitus is associated with early mortality in patients with implantable cardioconverter-defibrillator, Mahek Mirza, Anton Strunets, Imran Niazi, Vikram Nangia, Chris C. Cho, Indrajit Choudhuri, M. Eyman Mortada, Atul Bhatia, Jasbir Sra, and Arshad Jahangir (Poster)

Does expression of estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and HER2 in atypical breast lesions predict a subsequent clinically significant event?, Judy A. Tjoe, Gary F. Neitzl, Maharaj Singh, Brittany S. Last, James Marx, and Sanjay Kansra (Poster)

Electronic data modeling to predict 30-day hospital readmission for older adults, Ariba Khan, Mary L. Hook, Patti Pagel, Marsha A. Vollbrecht, and Maharaj Singh (Abstract)


Employee wellness program: participation rates among obese employees and selection patterns of available alternative activities, Jennifer Fink, David Smith, Maharaj Singh, Douglas Ihrke, and Ron A. Cisler (Abstract)

Expression pattern of estrogen, progesterone and HER2/neu receptors in atypical breast lesions does not predict subsequent clinically significant event, Judy A. Tjoe, Gary F. Neitzl, Maharaj Singh, Brittany S. Last, and Sanjay Kansra (Abstract)

Favorable outcomes of left ventricular assist device as bridge to simultaneous heart kidney transplantation, Ghulam Murtaza, Francis X. Downey, John Crouch, Nasir Z. Sulemanjee, Omar M. Cheema, Thomas Hastings, Dianne L. Zwicke, Chris C. Cho, and Vinay Thohan (Abstract)

Gender-related differences in complications and outcomes in patients following peripheral vascular intervention, Daniel Ortiz, Maharaj Singh, Arshad Jahangir, and Mark Mewissen (Abstract)

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy center: contemporary multidisciplinary guideline-based experience, Anushree Agarwal M.D., Rayan Yousefzai, Chris C. Cho, Kambiz Shetabi, M Fuad Jan, Michelle Bush, Bijoy K. Khandheria M.D., Timothy E Paterick, Paul H. Werner, Tanvir Bajwa, Suhail Allaqaband, and A Jamil Tajik M.D. (Poster)

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with aortopathy: a novel association, Rayan Yousefzai, Anushree Agarwal M.D., Michael Anigbogu, Kambiz Shetabi, Chris C. Cho, Michelle Bush, Khawaja A. Ammar, Timothy E Paterick, Bijoy K. Khandheria M.D., and A Jamil Tajik M.D. (Poster)

Obesity remains underdiagnosed: discordant documentation of obesity body mass index and obesity diagnosis in patients' electronic medical record, Jennifer Fink, George L. Morris III, Maharaj Singh, David Nelson, Renee Walker, and Ron A. Cisler (Abstract)

Prevalence of late right ventricular dysfunction after left ventricular assist device implantation, Eric Roberts, Nasir Z. Sulemanjee, Ludmil V. Lazarov, Jean A. Cook, K A. Schultz, Chris C. Cho, Omar Cheema, Thomas Hastings, Dianne L. Zwicke, John Crouch, Francis X. Downey, and Vinay Thohan (Abstract)

Programming of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis by neonatal intermittent hypoxia: effects on adult male ACTH and corticosterone responses are stress specific, Kathan Chintamaneni, Eric D. Bruder, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Racial disparities in graft loss following kidney transplantation - a single center experience, Vani Nilakantan, Brittany S. Last, Maharaj Singh, Ahmed Dalmar, and Yang Shi (Abstract)

Racial disparity in kidney transplantation: a review and meta-analysis, Vani Nilakantan, Maharaj Singh, and Ruth M. Perez (Abstract)

Safety and efficacy of rivaroxaban and dabigatran in octa- and nonagenerians with atrial fibrillation: a community-based experience, Anton Strunets, Mahek Mirza, Chris C. Cho, Jasbir Sra, and Arshad Jahangir (Poster)

TCT-841 Comparative efficacy of bleeding avoidance strategies by preprocedural risk for access site hematoma in patients undergoing peripheral vascular intervention, Daniel Ortiz, Anna Tyszkowska, Maharaj Singh, Arshad Jahangir, Suhail Allaqaband, and Mark Mewissen (Abstract)

The effect of using guided mental imagery for patients receiving knee or hip replacement, Maharaj Singh, Laura Kohler, and Joseph Davies (Abstract)

The unique needs of older patients who are re-admitted to the hospital, M Hasan, A Karst, Ariba Khan, Michael L. Malone, J Lung, and Maharaj Singh (Abstract)

The use of guided mental imagery for patients receiving knee or hip replacement surgery, Maharaj Singh, Laura Kohler, Joseph Davies, and Kristen Reynolds (Abstract)

Use of bleeding avoidance strategies based on predictors of access site hematoma in patients undergoing peripheral vascular intervention, Daniel Ortiz, Maharaj Singh, Arshad Jahangir, and Mark Mewissen (Abstract)

Use of guided imagery for reduction of pain and anxiety and improved quality of sleep in patients undergoing surgery: a review and meta-analysis, Maharaj Singh and Ahmed Dalmar (Abstract)

Use of the National Cancer Institute Community Cancer Centers Program screening and accrual log to address cancer clinical trial accrual, Diane St Germain, Andrea M Denicoff, Eileen P Dimond, Angela Carrigan, Rebecca A Enos, Maria M Gonzalez, Kathy Wilkinson, Michelle A Mathiason, Brenda Duggan, Shaun Einolf, Worta McCaskill-Stevens, Donna M Bryant, Michael A. Thompson, Stephen S Grubbs, and Ronald S Go (Article)

Using the electronic health record as an innovative approach to measure delirium in older hospitalized patients, Ariba Khan, Michelle R. Simpson, Maharaj Singh, Michael L. Malone, and Mary L. Hook (Abstract)

Weight loss after laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding: the role of race, BMI and age, Ahmed Y. Dalmar, Thomas Chua, and Maharaj Singh (Abstract)

Works from 2013

Autoantibodies targeting tumor-associated antigens in metastatic cancer: Sialylated IgGs as candidate anti-inflammatory antibodies, Martin Oaks, Samuel Taylor, and James Shaffer (Article)