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Works from 1995

Coronary air embolism: incidence, severity, and suggested approaches to treatment, Miqdad Khan, Donald H. Schmidt, Tanvir Bajwa, and Yoseph Shalev (Article)

Transesophageal echocardiographically guided atrial transseptal catheterization in patients with normal-sized atria: incidence of complications, K Hahn, R Gal, J Sarnoski, James M. Kubota, D H Schmidt, and T K Bajwa (Article)

Works from 1994

Beta blocker use in the treatment of community hospital patients discharged after myocardial infarction, S H Sial, Michael L. Malone, J L Freeman, Richard J. Battiola, J Nachodsky, and J S Goodwin (Article)

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Works from 1993

Variation among cardiologists in the treatment of acute myocardial-infarction, S Sial, Michael L. Malone, and Richard J. Battiola (Abstract)

Works from 1992

Utilization of beta-blockers in patients discharged from community hospitals after acute myocardial infarctions, S Sial, Michael L. Malone, Richard J. Battiola, and James S. Goodwin (Abstract)