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Works from 2012

Patent foramen ovale: the known and the to be known, Shelby Kutty, Partho P Sengupta, and Bijoy K. Khandheria (Article)

Relationship of contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging-derived intramural scar distribution and speckle tracking echocardiography-derived left ventricular two-dimensional strains, Mayank M Kansal, Prasad M Panse, Haruhiko Abe, Giuseppe Caracciolo, Susan Wilansky, A Jamil Tajik M.D., Bijoy K. Khandheria M.D., and Partho P Sengupta (Article)

Severe symptomatic left ventricular inflow obstruction after mitral, annuloplasty ring - an observation, M. Fuad Jan; Wael Hassan; Timothy E. Paterick M.D., J.D.; Matt M. Umland; and A Jamil Tajik M.D. (Abstract)

Stress-induced cardiomyopathy after patent foramen ovale closure: what role did anesthesia play?, Maria Chiara Todaro, Lilia Oreto, Dianne L. Zwicke, Jonathan Kay, Tanvir Bajwa, and Bijoy K. Khandheria M.D. (Response or Comment)

The ABCs of left ventricular assist device echocardiography: a systematic approach, Khawaja A. Ammar; Matt M. Umland; Christopher Kramer; Nasir Z. Sulemanjee; M. Fuad Jan; Bijoy K. Khandheria; James M. Seward; and Timothy E. Paterick M.D., J.D. (Article)

Use of echocardiography to evaluate the cardiac effects of therapies used in cancer treatment: what do we know?, Lilia Oreto; Maria Chiara Todaro; Matt M. Umland; Christopher Kramer; Rubina Qamar; Scipione Carerj; Bijoy K. Khandheria; and Timothy E. Paterick M.D., J.D. (Article)

What went wrong and how it got right: heart team provides value in transcatheter aortic valve replacement, Maria Chiara Todaro, Lilia Oreto, Tanvir Bajwa, Daniel O'Hair, and Bijoy K. Khandheria M.D. (Article)

Works from 2009

Endovascular treatment of peripheral vascular disease, Suhail Allaqaband, Romas Kirvaitis, M. Fuad Jan, and Tanvir Bajwa (Article)

Works from 2005

Effect of electrical stimulation on arteriogenesis and angiogenesis after bilateral femoral artery excision in the rabbit hind-limb ischemia model, Imran Sheikh, Guennady Tchekanov, David Krum, John Hare, Mohamed Djelmami-Hani, Rajesh Maddikunta, M. Eyman Mortada, Pavel Karakozov, Iskander Baibekov, John Hauck, Tanvir Bajwa, Masood Akhtar, and Valeri S Chekanov (Article)

Works from 2004

Current management of patients with patent foramen ovale and cryptogenic stroke: our experience and review of the literature, Charles E Bailey, Suhail Allaqaband, and Tanvir Bajwa (Article)

Protected carotid-artery stenting versus endarterectomy in high-risk patients, Jay S Yadav, Mark H Wholey, Richard E Kuntz, Pierre Fayad, Barry T Katzen, Gregory J Mishkel, Tanvir Bajwa, Patrick Whitlow, Neil E Strickman, Michael R Jaff, Jeffrey J Popma, David B Snead, Donald E Cutlip, Brian G Firth, and Kenneth Ouriel (Article)

Works from 2003

Deferoxamine-fibrin accelerates angiogenesis in a rabbit model of peripheral ischemia, Valeri S Chekanov, Mehdi Zargarian, Iskander Baibekov, Paul Karakozov, Guennady Tchekanov, John Hare, Victor Nikolaychik, Tanvir Bajwa, and Masood Akhtar (Article)

Works from 2002

Direct fibrin injection to promote new collateral growth in hind limb ischemia in a rabbit model., Valeri S Chekanov, Ramon Rayel, Victor Nikolaychik, Nicholas Kipshidze, Iskander Baibekov, Paul Karakozov, Tanvir Bajwa, Tanvir Bajwa, and Masood Akhtar (Article)

Electrical stimulation promotes angiogenesis in a rabbit hind-limb ischemia model, Valeri Chekanov, Ramon Rayel, David Krum, Iman Alwan, John Hare, Tanvir Bajwa, and Masood Akhtar (Article)

Works from 1999

Left atrial tumor as a case of heart failure.:P386, S Viswanath and Michael L. Malone (Poster)

Works from 1998

A prospective, controlled study of Helicobacter pylori seroprevalence in coronary artery disease, Ambreen Khurshid, Timothy S Fenske, Tanvir Bajwa, Keith Bourgeois, and Nimish Vakil (Article)

Complications of acute myocardial infarction in patients > or = 90 years of age, Michael L. Malone, L B Rosen, and J S Goodwin (Article)

Peripheral vascular disease, Part 1, Tanvir Bajwa, Yoseph Shalev, Anjan Gupta, Mohammad Atiq Khalid, and Nadia Moussavi (Article)

Peripheral vascular disease, Part 2, Tanvir Bajwa, Yoseph Shalev, Anjan Gupta, and Mohammad Atiq Khalid (Article)

Validation of Doppler FloWire for measurement of coronary flow reserve in humans, Nabil Dib, Tanvir Bajwa, Yoseph Shalev, Richard Nesto, and Donald H. Schmidt (Article)

Works from 1996

Amniotic fluid embolism causing severe left ventricular dysfunction and death: case report and review of the literature, Nabil Dib and Tanvir Bajwa (Case Report)

Non-cardiac complications of hospitalization for acute myocardial infarction in ninety year olds, Michael L. Malone and James S. Goodwin (Abstract)

Peripheral artery pseudoaneurysm: treatment by transcutaneous compression guided by ultrasonography, Patrick B. Murphy, Tanvir Bajwa, James Kubota, and Abraham Gal (Article)

Variation among cardiologists in the utilization of right heart catheterization at time of coronary angiography, Michael L. Malone, Tanvir Bajwa, Richard J. Battiola, M Fortsas, S Aman, D J Solomon, and J S Goodwin (Article)

Works from 1995

Age-related differences in the utilization of therapies post acute myocardial infarction, Michael L. Malone, S H Sial, Richard J. Battiola, J P Nachodsky, D J Solomon, and J S Goodwin (Article)

Congenital clavicular pseudoarthrosis associated with vascular thoracic outlet syndrome: case presentation and review of the literature, Kenneth Hahn, Rita Shah, Yoseph Shalev, Donald H. Schmidt, and Tanvir Bajwa (Case Report)

Coronary air embolism: incidence, severity, and suggested approaches to treatment, Miqdad Khan, Donald H. Schmidt, Tanvir Bajwa, and Yoseph Shalev (Article)

Transesophageal echocardiographically guided atrial transseptal catheterization in patients with normal-sized atria: incidence of complications, K Hahn, R Gal, J Sarnoski, James M. Kubota, D H Schmidt, and T K Bajwa (Article)

Works from 1994

Beta blocker use in the treatment of community hospital patients discharged after myocardial infarction, S H Sial, Michael L. Malone, J L Freeman, Richard J. Battiola, J Nachodsky, and J S Goodwin (Article)

High incidence of renal artery stenosis in patients with coronary artery disease, William J. Jean, Issam Al-Bitar, Dianne L. Zwicke, Steven C. Port, Donald H. Schmidt, and Tanvir Bajwa (Article)

Variation among cardiologists in performing coronary angioplasty on the same day as coronary angiography, Michael L. Malone, Tanvir Bajwa, Richard J. Battiola, R McNutt, D Solomon, and James S. Goodwin (Article)

Works from 1993

Variation among cardiologists in the treatment of acute myocardial-infarction, S Sial, Michael L. Malone, and Richard J. Battiola (Abstract)

Works from 1992

Utilization of beta-blockers in patients discharged from community hospitals after acute myocardial infarctions, S Sial, Michael L. Malone, Richard J. Battiola, and James S. Goodwin (Abstract)