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Works from 2015

Mortality, length of stay, and inpatient charges for heart failure patients at public versus private hospitals in South Korea, Sun Jung Kim, Eun-Cheol Park, Tae Hyun Kim, Ji Won Yoo, and Sang Gyu Lee (Article)

Works from 2014

An electronic medical record marker for delirium in hospitalized elderly, John Lung, Ariba Khan, Kanwardeep Singh, Michael L. Malone, and Maharaj Singh (Abstract)

An introduction to the Acute Care for Elders, Michael L. Malone, Ji Won Yoo, and James S. Goodwin (Book Chapter)

Do more with less, Michael Malone, Elizabeth Capezuti, and Aaron Malsch (Article)

Electronic data modeling to predict 30-day hospital readmission for older adults, Ariba Khan, Mary L. Hook, Patti Pagel, Marsha A. Vollbrecht, and Maharaj Singh (Abstract)

How to develop, start, and sustain an Acute Care for Elders unit, Ellen S. Danto-Nocton, Carolyn Holder, Rebecca Ramsden, Jonny Macias Tejada, Anita Steliga, and Karen Padua (Book Chapter)

It’s an elephant! Lessons learned in “mobilizing” Geriatric Fast Facts for education: C112, Karen Padua, Deb Simpson, Kathryn M. Denson, Michael L. Malone, Judith Rehm, Gabriel Manzi, Tony Finn, and Edmund H. Duthie (Abstract)


Predictors of Hospitalization Among Newly Admitted Skilled Nursing Facility Residents: Rethinking the Role of Functional Decline, Sun J. Kim, Joo H. Lee, Shunichi Nakagawa, Elizabeth Bukowy, Ankoor Biswas, Boram Han, Yeilim Cho, Hyun Phil Shin, and Ji Won Yoo (Original Research)

Pyogenic liver abscess in a frail older adult, John Lung, Ariba Khan, and Michael L. Malone (Case Report)

Splenic marginal zone lymphoma involving the breast: lessons in patient-centered care, Ariba Khan, Michael L. Malone, and Charles A. Bomzer (Case Report)

The association between quality of care and quality of life in long-stay nursing home residents with preserved cognition, Sun Jung Kim, Eun-Cheol Park, Sulgi Kim, Shunichi Nakagawa, John Lung, Jong Bum Choi, Woo Sang Ryu, Too Jae Min, Hyun Phil Shin, Kyudam Kim, and Ji Won Yoo (Article)

The encyclopedia of elder care, Elizabeth Capezuti, Michael L. Malone, Paul R. Katz, and Mathy D. Mezey (Book)

The future of Acute Care for Elders, Kanwardeep Singh and Michael L. Malone (Book Chapter)

The team approach to interdisciplinary care, Maryjo Cleveland, Carolyn Holder, Ariba Khan, and Aileen Jencius (Book Chapter)

The unique needs of older patients who are re-admitted to the hospital, M Hasan, A Karst, Ariba Khan, Michael L. Malone, J Lung, and Maharaj Singh (Abstract)

Using the electronic health record as an innovative approach to measure delirium in older hospitalized patients, Ariba Khan, Michelle R. Simpson, Maharaj Singh, Michael L. Malone, and Mary L. Hook (Abstract)

Works from 2013

Quality and innovations for caring hospitalized older persons in the United States, Ji Won Yoo, Sun Jung Kim, Yan Geng, Hyun Phil Shin, and Shunichi Nakagawa (Article)