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Works from 2015

Cushing's syndrome: from physiological principles to diagnosis and clinical care, Ty Carroll and Hershel Raff (Article)

Cushing syndrome: update on testing, Hershel Raff (Article)

Renin knockout rat: control of adrenal aldosterone and corticosterone synthesis in vitro and adrenal gene expression, Ashley Gehrand, Eric D. Bruder, Matthew J Hoffman, William C Engeland, Carol Moreno, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D, calcium, and calcium-regulating hormones in preeclamptics and controls during first day postpartum, Ahmed Dalmar, Hershel Raff, Suneet P. Chauhan, Maharaj Singh, and Danish S. Siddiqui (Article)

Urine free cortisol in the diagnosis of Cushing's Syndrome: Is it worth doing and, if so, how?, Hershel Raff, Richard J Auchus, James Findling, and Lynnette Nieman (Article)

Works from 2014

Biobehavioral measures as outcomes: a cautionary tale, Christine R Kovach, Diana Lynn Woods, Elizabeth C Devine, Brent R Logan, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Circadian variation of mineral and bone parameters in end-stage renal disease, Hariprasad Trivedi, Aniko Szabo, Shi Zhao, Tom Cantor, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Physiological basis for the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of adrenal disorders: Cushing's Syndrome, adrenal insufficiency, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Hershel Raff, Susmeeta T. Sharma, and Lynette K. Nieman (Article)

Programming of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis by neonatal intermittent hypoxia: effects on adult male ACTH and corticosterone responses are stress specific, Kathan Chintamaneni, Eric D. Bruder, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Works from 2012

Comparison of the effectiveness of two protocols for treating nursing home residents with advanced dementia, Christine R Kovach, Michelle R. Simpson, Laura Joosse, Brent R Logan, Patricia E Noonan, Sheila A Reynolds, Diana Lynn Woods, and Hershel Raff (Article)

Works from 2001

Growth hormone therapy during neonatal hypoxia in rats: body composition, bone mineral density, and insulin-like growth factor-1 expression, Hershel Raff, Eric D. Bruder, Barbara Jankowski, Martin Oaks, and Ricki J. Colman (Article)