Starting our health care IR: challenges, unexpected partnerships, and creative solutions in a large health care system

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Aurora Libraries, Aurora West Allis Medical Center, Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

Presentation Notes

Webinar presented July 26, 2018; online: https://vimeo.com/281862066.


For the past four years, Aurora Health Care Digital Repository has increased the visibility of Aurora Health Care’s scholarship while enhancing the hospital’s reputation and research credibility. As the repository initiative grows, the library continues to look for ways Aurora Health Care Digital Repository can solve organizational challenges and help build partnerships across their distributed healthcare network.

In this webinar Brenda Fay, Librarian Specialist, and Jennifer Deal, Lead Librarian, share their experiences exploring, implementing, and growing Aurora’s repository. Brenda and Jennifer will discuss:

-Why and how the library determined a repository was a vital investment
-Creating buy-in throughout the organization
-Using the repository to launch and support a new journal
-Day-to-day workflows for managing and growing the site

Viewers will come away with a full-picture sense of what it takes to evaluate and maintain a growing, thriving repository

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