The effect of cimetidine on lymphocyte subpopulations in vivo in experimental mice

Aurora Affiliations

Immunology Research Laboratory, St Lukes Medical Center


The effects of cimetidine, an H2 receptor antagonist, on subpopulation of splenic lymphocytes were studied in mice. Cimetidine (50 mg/kg) was given to groups of mice by intraperitoneal injection. The splenic mononuclear cells from treated and control animals were evaluated for relative number of lymphocyte subpopulations (i.e. LYT1, LYT2, L3T4 and GAM cells) by flow cytometry. The percentages of LYT2 cells (suppressor equivalent) were significantly lower (5.5 vs 12.0%) in mice who were treated with cimetidine vs control animals. The percentages of L3T4 (helper equivalent) were not statistically different in any of the experimental groups.

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