Published quarterly by Aurora Health Care and indexed in PubMed Central, the Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews (JPCRR) is an open access, peer-reviewed medical journal devoted to advancing health care practices, outcomes, and experiences.

Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 4 (2019)

From the Editor

Original Research


Addressing Postpartum Smoking Relapse Among Low-Income Women: A Randomized Control Trial
Kristine Alaniz, Bruce Christiansen, Tingting Sullivan, Lisette Khalil, and Michael C. Fiore


Factors Influencing Family Burden in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Encounters
Hannah R. Abrams, Hayden S. Leeds, Heidi V. Russell, and Melody B. Hellsten


Brief Report


I Live Alone but Don't Feel Alone: Social Isolation and Loneliness From the Patient Perspective
Julia Bedard-Thomas, Christian Gausvik, Jonathan Wessels, Saundra Regan, Keesha Goodnow, and Anna Goroncy

Topic Synopsis


Is There Less Opioid Abuse in States Where Marijuana Has Been Decriminalized, Either for Medicinal or Recreational Use? A Clin-IQ
Aaron M. Wendelboe, Richard Mathew, Tana Chongsuwat, Elizabeth Rainwater, Mark A. Wendelboe, Elizabeth Wickersham MD, and Ann F. Chou