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bedbugs, hemiptera, insects, ectoparasitic infestation


Bedbugs, previously thought to be eradicated during the mid-20th century, have reemerged in the new millennium with unforeseen furor. Affected patients and families frequently present in primary care settings, not only with complaints of pruritus or rash, but with anxiety and shame regarding the condition. Changes in eradication techniques and resistance, as well as lack of reporting – from both patients and lodging institutions – have hindered control. The increased mobility of goods and the human population has provided further avenues for bedbug spread. While current literature thoroughly describes the clinical presentation of bedbugs and the increasingly problematic effects on society, less discussed is the etiology of this comeback. This narrative review briefly describes the presentation and treatment of bedbug infestations, while focusing on the numerous and complex factors contributing to their reemergence.