Volume 5, Issue 1 (2018) -- Health Disparities and Inequities: Part II

From the Editor


Imagine a World …
David A. Nelson

Original Research


In-Home Delivery of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy via Virtual Reality Gaming
Alexandra L. Borstad, Roger Crawfis, Kala Phillips, Linda Pax Lowes, David Maung, Ryan McPherson, Amelia Siles, Lise Worthen-Chaudhari, and Lynne V. Gauthier


Facilitating Factors and Barriers to Weight Management in Women: Physician Perspectives
Renee E. Walker, Jennifer Kusch, Jennifer T. Fink, David A. Nelson, George Morris III, Jessica Skalla, and Ron A. Cisler


Needs Assessment for Creating a Patient-Centered, Community-Engaged Health Program for Homeless Pregnant Women
Tegan Ake, Sabina Diehr, Leslie Ruffalo, Emily Farias, Ashton Fitzgerald, Samuel D. Good, Lindsay B. Howard, Stefan P. Kostelyna, and Linda N. Meurer

Medical Education


Guest Editor

David A. Nelson, PhD

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