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Works from 2019


2019 Aurora GME match report, Tricia La Fratta (Letter)


45th Annual scientific day list of events, Deb Simpson (Letter)


Activating learners to solicit feedback in 30 minutes or less, Deb Simpson, Naomi Light, Jacob Bidwell, Colleen Nichols, Joseph Vogelgesang, Wilhelm Lehmann, William MacDonald, Siri Neelati, Nikesh Patel, Carla Kelly, Richard J. Battiola, Kristin Rivera, John Brill, and Tricia La Fratta (Poster)


"Clinical teaching is like improv because…" a faculty development strategy, Deborah Simpson, Will Lehmann, Jacob Bidwell, Kjersti Knox, Carla Kelly, and Mark Robinson (Article)


Discussing what matters most: designing a medical student curriculum for end of life care, Natanya S. Russek, Karrie Lu, Kjersti Knox, and Timothy Jessick (Abstract)


Efficacy of well-being self-awareness and departmental interventions within a single radiology residency program, Mason Brown, Shelly Reimer, Nikesh Patel, William MacDonald, and Nicholas Dickson (Poster)


GME wide & program specific initiatives to strengthen a culture of well-being, Jacob Bidwell, Tricia La Fratta, Nicole Eull, Deb Simpson, and Timothy Lineberry (Poster)

How to approach the first physician job search, Tricia LaFratta, Avraaham Z. Cooper, Peter Clardy, and Kyla Terhune (Article)


Making GME scholarly activity visible on your residency program website using a cloud-based scholarly tool, Deb Simpson, Wilhelm Lehmann, Brenda Fay, William MacDonald, Jennifer Deal, Carla Kelly, Esmeralda Santana, and Tricia La Fratta (Poster)


Minimizing burnout through three resident protected time approaches: administrative, personal health, connectedness, Thomas Harrington, Joseph Vogelgesang, Vy Dinh, Abdulrehman Siddiqui, Will Lehmann, Catherine de Grandville, and Deb Simpson (Poster)


OB/GYN resident well being focused on workload & wellness time: measured using a 3-item well-being check-in card, Naomi Light, Morgan Altinok, Carla Kelly, and Deb Simpson (Poster)


Running and rapping our way to wellness: internal medicine residency approach to preventing burnout, Siri Neelati, Katarzyna Scigacz, Prakash Nallani, Richard J. Battiola, Tanya Shah, Xiaoxiao Qian, and Deb Simpson (Poster)


Writing author response letters that get editors to "yes", Gail M Sullivan, Deborah Simpson, Lalena M Yarris, and Anthony R Artino (Editorial)

Works from 2018


2017 Academic Affairs Annual Report - Aurora Health Care, Deborah Simpson, Kristin Ouweneel, Jacob Bidwell, Kristin Rivera, Tricia La Fratta, Jessica J F Kram, Colleen Nichols, Kathy Charlton, and Dennis Baumgardner (Event)


A critical narrative review of transfer of basic science knowledge in health professions education, Jean-Marie Castillo, Yoon Soo Park, Ilene Harris, Jeffrey J H Cheung, Lonika Sood, Maureen D Clark, Kulamakan Kulasegaram, Ryan Brydges, Geoffrey Norman, and Nicole Woods (Article)


Are physicians commodities? The perspective of a group of JGME editors, Gail M Sullivan, Jeffrey S Berger, Lalena M Yarris, Anthony R Artino, and Deborah Simpson (Article)


Choosing when to advise, coach, or mentor, Karen Marcdante and Deb Simpson (Article)


Community Health, Advocacy, and Managing Populations (CHAMP) Longitudinal Residency Education and Evaluation, Kjersti E. Knox, Will Lehmann, Joseph Vogelgesang, and Deborah Simpson (Medical Education)


Creating a community of practice through a monthly difficult teaching case conference, Deb Simpson, John Brill, Lonika Sood, Andy Anderson, Jennifer Hartlaub, Carla Kelly, and Wilhelm Lehmann (Poster)


Design and short-term impact of an event to promote careers in clinical pharmacy, Sarah Ray, Andrew Ticcioni, Robert Mueller, and Jessica Battaglia (Article)


“Difficult teaching case” conference call series – a faculty development strategy, Deborah Simpson, John R. Brill, Lonika Sood, Andy Anderson, Jennifer Hartlaub, Anne Getzin, Kjersti Knox, Carla Kelly, Wilhelm Lehmann, and Cynthia Haq (Abstract)


Evaluating well-being in Ob/Gyn residents and faculty, Erika Copperman, Naomi Light, Carla Kelly, and Deborah Simpson (Abstract)


Graduate medical education still needs new ideas, Deb Simpson and Gail M Sullivan (Article)


How the library and continuing medical education work together, Brenda Fay, Theresa Frederick, and Rita Mitchell (Poster)


Job roles of the 2025 medical educator, Deb Simpson, Karen Marcdante, Kevin H Souza, Andy Anderson, and Eric Holmboe (Article)


Road map for research training in the residency learning experience, Heather A Personett, Drayton A Hammond, Erin N Frazee, Lee P. Skrupky, Thomas J Johnson, and Garrett E Schramm (Article)


Strength in numbers: a national monthly case conference series for fellows, Ellen S. Danto-Nocton, Deborah Simpson, Marc Rasansky, Lindsay C. Pascarella, and Michael L. Malone (Article)

Works from 2017


4 Stages of Physician Education - Infographic, Deborah Simpson, Jeffrey Stearns, Andy Anderson, Jacob Bidwell, Kristin Ouweneel, Kathy Charlton, Colleen Nichols, Kristin Rivera, and Tricia La Fratta (Event)


Achieving the Multiplier Effect Using Part IV MOC, Will Lehmann, Deborah Simpson, Kristin Ouweneel, Theresa Frederick, Colleen Nichols, and Jonathan Blaza (Poster)


Can a CME Case Conference Series Create a Community of Practice in a Group of Hospitalist Physicians?, Lonika Sood and Deborah Simpson (Article)

Developing your expertise as a peer reviewer, Barbara G Jericho, Deborah Simpson, and Gail M Sullivan (Article)

Development and implementation of a residency project advisory board, Julie K. Dagam, Arlene Iglar, Julie Kindsfater, Al Loeb, Chad Smith, Frank Spexarth, Dennis Brierton, and Thomas W Woller (Article)


Identifying and Targeting Age-Related Colorectal Cancer Screening Rate Disparities in Family Medicine Residency Clinics, Jonathan J. Blaza, Jasmine R. Wiley, Matthew Gill, Alonzo Jalan, Will Lehmann, Deborah Simpson, and Jeffrey A. Stearns (Supplement)

Preparing your curriculum vitae, Deb Simpson (Book Chapter)


Quality Improvement Study for Postpartum Hypertension Readmissions, Molly K. Lepic, Sara M. Stanenas, Carla J. Kelly, Deborah Simpson, and Jeffrey A. Stearns (Supplement)

Team-based coaching approach to peer review: sharing service and scholarship, Lalena M Yarris, Deborah Simpson, Jonathan S Ilgen, and Teresa M Chan (Article)

The 2020 physician job description: how our GME graduates will meet expectations, Andy Anderson, Deborah Simpson, Carla Kelly, John R. Brill, and Jeffrey Stearns (Article)

The 2025 big "G" geriatrician: defining job roles to guide fellowship training, Deborah Simpson, Rosanne M Leipzig, and Karen Sauvigné (Article)

Using maintenance of certification to promote advance directive discussions in primary care, E Duthie, J Myers, Deborah Simpson, K Denson, and S Denson (Poster)

Works from 2016

A67: A Process to Identify MOC Part IV Performance Improvement Geriatric Targets for Primary Care Providers, Kathryn Denson, Deborah Simpson, Edmund H Duthie, Michael L. Malone, Steven R. Barczi, Steven Denson, and J. Myers (Abstract)


Are There Advantages to Hiring In-House Training Program Graduates?, Jessica J.F. Kram and Dennis J. Baumgardner (Supplement)

Best Practices in Operationalizing IPE in Clinical Setting—Logistics of a National Crowdsourcing. Digital Poster., J Luk, C Hasbrouck, H Hageman, K Huggett, and Deborah Simpson (Abstract)

Case study 23.1: Dr Lasz Lo - clinician teacher, Deb Simpson, Hina Mahboob, Richard J. Battiola, and John R. Brill (Book Chapter)

Geriatrics education team model results in sustained geriatrics training in 15 residency and fellowship programs and scholarship, Steven Denson, Deb Simpson, Kathryn Denson, Diane Brown, Gabriel Manzi, Judith Rehm, Bambi Wessel, and Edmund H Duthie (Article)

Group peer review: The breakfast of champions, Jonathan S Ilgen, Anthony R Artino, Deborah Simpson, Lalena M Yarris, Katherine C Chretien, and Gail M Sullivan (Article)

How teaching expertise and scholarship can be developed, recognised, and rewarded, Deborah Simpson, Maryellen E Gusic, and M Brownell Anderson (Book Chapter)

Lean belt certification: pathway for student, resident, and faculty development and scholarship, Alhasan N Elghouche, Brian C Lobo, Todd J Wannemuehler, Kimberly E Johnson, Bruce H Matt, Heather K Woodward-Hagg, and Mimi S Kokoska (Article)

Professional liability pertinent to graduate medical education: the intersection of medical education, patient care, and law, Elizabeth Ngo, Zachary R Paterick, Nachiket Patel, Blake Waterhouse, Sandy Sanbar, A. Jamil Tajik, and Timothy E Paterick (Article)

Should doctors still examine patients?, Nachiket Patel, Elizabeth Ngo, Timothy E Paterick, Krishnaswamy Chandrasekaran, and J K. Tajik (Editorial)

Students' critical incidents point the way to safer patient care transitions, Jeffrey A Morzinski, Heather Toth, Deborah Simpson, Staci Young, and Karen Marcdante (Article)

"Teaching Tokens" to Enhance Residents-as-Teachers Curriculum: Pilot Intervention to Improve Clinical Efficiency., Maureen Longeway, Paul A Bergl, Julie M Kolinski, Seth A Bodden, Kory Koerner, and Deborah Simpson (Article)


WISE-Family Medicine: a statewide faculty development collaborative, Deborah Simpson, Kjersti E. Knox, Anne Getzin, John R. Brill, M M. Stiles, and J A. Morzinski (Poster)

WO2: “Teaching Tokens” for effective, efficient, and enjoyable clinical precepting, Maureen Longeway, Paul Bergl, Seth Bodden, Kory Koerner, Julie Kolinski, and Deborah Simpson (Abstract)

Works from 2015

716 Progression of Fellow’s Competence in ERCP Training: the Proficient Study, Sutyanisth T. Agrawal, Brian Rajca, Julia Leo, Veena Kumaravel, Jonathan Fahler, Hershel Raff, and Nalini M Guda (Abstract)

Acting locally to impact geriatric education globally: A94, Kathryn M. Denson, Deborah Simpson, Michael L. Malone, Bambi Wessel, and Judith Rehm (Abstract)


Chronic Illness Management in Teams of Urban Multidisciplinary Scholars (CIMTUMS) –– Part II, John R. Brill, Diane Ames, Christine B. Groth, and Helen Yu (Supplement)

Knowledge Translation for Education Journals in the Digital Age, Deborah Simpson and Gail M Sullivan (Article)

Low-cost simulation: how-to guide, Herodotos Ellinas, Kathryn Denson, and Deborah Simpson (Article)


My Time With E, Alyssa Mohorek (Patient-Centered Essay/Creative Writing)


PRACTC: Practice Readiness Academic Clinical Training Collaborative –– Gap Analysis to Advance Clinical Training for Nurse Practitioner Students, Jennifer Hartlaub, Mary Ann Muzi, M. Jamie Cairo, John R. Brill, James Weese, Kristin Rivera, Susan Hafemann, Ann M. Rohrer, Julia Schumacher, and Terri L. Vandenhouten (Supplement)

Quick quizzes: Geriatrics right in your hand & at the point of care: A93, Kathryn Denson, Deborah Simpson, Karen Padua, and A Currey (Abstract)


Triple Aim for Clinical Teachers (TACT): Faculty Physician Perceptions on Their Ability to Balance Clinical Quality, Trainee Learning, and Teaching Efficiency, Minuja Muralidharan, Anne Getzin, Kjersti E. Knox, Bonnie L. Bobot, Marie M. Forgie, Nicole P. Salvo, and Deborah Simpson (Supplement)

Twelve tips for developing, implementing, and sustaining medical education fellowship programs: Building on new trends and solid foundations, Charlene M Dewey, Teri L Turner, Linda Perkowski, Jean Bailey, Larry D Gruppen, Janet Riddle, Geeta Singhal, Patricia Mullan, Ann Poznanski, Tyson Pillow, Lynne S Robins, Steven C Rougas, Leora Horn, Marine V Ghulyan, and Deborah Simpson (Article)


Use of Social Media to Promote Continuous Learning: A Phased Strategy for Graduate Medical Education Fellowship Implementation, Jaswant Singh Basraon, Deborah Simpson, and Anjan Gupta (Medical Education)

Works from 2014

Aligning training with the 2020 physician's job description, Deb Simpson, Andy Anderson, Carla Kelly, John R. Brill, and Jeffrey Stearns (Abstract)

Assessment of resident knowledge and comfort with menopause and openness to integrative therapies: the short term impact of evidence based menopause hand-out, H Handler, Kiley A. Bernhard, and Dennis J. Baumgardner (Abstract)

Calculating time/effort to develop medical specialty-approved board (re)certification modules for part IV practice performance assessment, Kristen Reynolds, Lisa Sullivan Vedder, Dennis J. Baumgardner, Jacob Bidwell, Theresa Frederick, and Deb Simpson (Abstract)

Chronic Illness Management in Teams of Urban Multidisciplinary Scholars: CIMTUMS, Helen Yu, Mohammad Hararah, Bonnie Kwok, John R. Brill, and Diane Ames (Abstract)

Clinical clerkship students' perceptions of (un)safe transitions for every patient, Paul E Koch, Deb Simpson, Heather Toth, Karen Marcdante, Emily Densmore, Staci Young, Michael Weisgerber, Jeffrey A Morzinski, and Nancy Havas (Article)

Clinical clerkship students' perceptions of (un)safe transitions for every patient, Paul E. Koch, Deb Simpson, Heather Toth, Karen Marcdante, Emily Densmore, Staci Young, Michael Weisgerber, Jeffrey A. Morzinski, and Nancy Havas (Article)

Comments: authors' response to letters regarding "defining the scholarly and scholarship common program requirements", Peter J Carek, Deb Simpson, and Lalena M Yarris (Response or Comment)

Evaluating educators using a novel toolbox: applying rigorous criteria flexibly across institutions, Maryellen E Gusic, Constance D Baldwin, Latha Chandran, Suzanne Rose, Deb Simpson, Henry W Strobel, Craig Timm, and Ruth Marie E Fincher (Article)

Geriatrics education is also a “team sport”: B60, D Brown, Kathryn M. Denson, Edmund H. Duthie, Steven Denson, Deb Simpson, Gabriel Manzi, Judith Rehm, Bambi Wessel, and Karen Padua (Abstract)

Graduate medical education needs new ideas, Gail M. Sullivan and Deb Simpson (Article)

It’s an elephant! Lessons learned in “mobilizing” Geriatric Fast Facts for education: C112, Karen Padua, Deb Simpson, Kathryn M. Denson, Michael L. Malone, Judith Rehm, Gabriel Manzi, Tony Finn, and Edmund H. Duthie (Abstract)

Redefining Quality in Medical Education Research: A Consumer’s View, Gail M. Sullivan, Deborah Simpson, David A. Cook, Nicole M. Delorio, Kathryn Andolsek, Lawrence Opas, Ingrid Philibert, and Lalena M. Yarris (Article)

Resident physician recognition of obesity and patient education in a family medicine residency clinic within an underserved community, Risa Siegel, Kiley A. Bernhard, and Dennis J. Baumgardner (Abstract)

Toward a glossary of competency-based medical education terms, Britlyn D. Orgill and Deb Simpson (Article)

Training physicians to care for urban populations: a win-win for health systems, Marjorie A. Stearns, Cindy Haq, John R. Brill, Andy Anderson, and Deb Simpson (Abstract)

Using teaching Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCEs) to expand fellows' perceptions around quality of care for older adults, Kathryn M. Denson, Gabriel Manzi, Patrick Foy, Brahm Vasudev, Catharine Malmsten, Judith Rehm, D Brown, Deb Simpson, and Edmund H. Duthie (Abstract)

Utilizing resident council leaders to improve the culture of patient care through systematic design of our clinical learning environment, Loras Even, Lilia Sen, Kathryn K. Leonhardt, Deb Simpson, and Indervir Mundh (Abstract)

Works from 2012

“Geriatrics Fellows’ Most Difficult Case Conference”- knowledge sharing and teaching through program networking: a one year experience.:C72, Ariba Khan, Timothy Howell, Michael L. Malone, Pablo Colon-Nieves, and Kanwardeep Singh (Abstract)

Works from 2011

“Geriatrics Fellows’ Most Difficult Case Conference”: knowledge sharing & teaching through program networking.:B52, Ariba Khan, Timothy Howell, Michael L. Malone, A Demircioglu, and Kanwardeep Singh (Abstract)

Works from 2007

Nurses as interdisciplinary educators, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 2005

Medical students' knowledge of midwifery practice after didactic and clinical exposure, Lisa Hanson, Jackie Tillett, and Russell S. Kirby (Article)

Works from 2004

Teaching geriatrics on the internet - integrating technology with medical education.:P485, Michael L. Malone, G Graham, D Steber, and Douglas S. Bell (Poster)

Works from 2003

Teaching geriatrics on the internet: results of the third pilot project.:P473, Michael L. Malone, A Choithani, R Kane, G Graham, J Klosowski, Al Klewin, S Spangenberg, K Hemesath, E Stoffers, and D Steber (Poster)

Works from 2001

Using the internet for geriatrics continuing education (CME).:P273, Michael L. Malone, G Graham, R S. Kane, A Choithani, Ellen S. Danto-Nocton, F S. Sims, and M Sincaban (Poster)

Works from 2000

The wireless keypad system: an innovation in teaching large groups, Michael L. Malone, A C. Choithani, R S. Kane, F S. Sims, Ellen S. Danto-Nocton, and M Sincaban (Abstract)

Works from 1997

A medical education study comparing traditional lecture vs. interactive care-based lecture, Michael L. Malone, E A. Burns, A C. Choithani, Ellen S. Danto-Nocton, T T. Dao, R S. Kane, N J. Rozario, and F S. Sims (Abstract)

Works from 1992

Educational characteristics of ambulatory vs inpatient morning report, Michael L. Malone and T Jackson (Abstract)

Works from 1990

What do senior medical residents do in their continuity clinic?, Michael L. Malone and T Jackson (Abstract)