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Works from 2009

Strategies for the rapid adoption of best practices on the labor and delivery unit, Jackie Tillett and Bradley Kruger (Article)

The economy, unit staffing, and patient outcomes, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 2008

"Conscience" clauses: the rights and responsibilities of a nurse, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Failure to rescue: a preliminary study of patient-level factors, Kathleen L. Bobay, Karen L. Fiorelli, and Alfred J. Anderson (Article)

Is there a place for the new graduate nurse in labor and delivery?, Christine VanMullem and Jackie Tillett (Article)

Perinatal nurses, poverty, and prematurity, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Using a Computerized Fall Risk Assessment Process to Tailor Interventions in Acute Care, Mary L. Hook, Elizabeth C Devine, and Norma M. Lang (Book Chapter)

Works from 2007

Breast-feeding: a unique time for nursing support, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Elective induction of labor: not without risks for mother and infant, Jackie Tillett (Response or Comment)

Interdisciplinary shared decision-making: taking shared governance to the next level, Marie Golanowski, Diane Beaudry, Lynne Kurz, William J Laffey, and Mary L. Hook (Article)

Intermittent auscultation of the fetal heartbeat: can nurses change the culture of technology?, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Nurses as interdisciplinary educators, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Nurses' experience with the clinical application of a research-based nursing protocol in a long-term care setting, Michelle R. Simpson, Patricia Stevens, and Christine R Kovach (Article)

Rachael Woods' article in the January edition of Nursingmatters ("Is it time for nurses to unionize?"), K Mohr, C Koski, C Howard, C Weibel-Lynn, and Stephanie Kassulke (Letter)

Works from 2006

Are open visitation policies beneficial for women?, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Behaviors of nursing home residents with dementia: examining nurse responses, Christine R Kovach, Sheryl T Kelber, Michelle R. Simpson, and Thelma Wells (Article)

Celebrate excellence! PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week, February 5-11, 2007, Stephanie Kassulke (Article)

Effects of the Serial Trial Intervention on discomfort and behavior of nursing home residents with dementia, Christine R Kovach, Brent R Logan, Patricia E Noonan, Andrea Matovina Schlidt, Jessica Smerz, Michelle R. Simpson, and Michelle Simpson (Article)

Fall-related injuries in acute care: reducing the risk of harm, Mary L. Hook and Shana Winchel (Article)

Nurse writers wanted, Stephanie Kassulke (Article)

Partnering with patients--a concept ready for action, Mary L. Hook (Article)

Partnering with patients and families in designing visual cues to prevent falls in hospitalized elders, Lee Jeske, Valerie Kolmer, Mary Muth, Stephanie Cerns, Sara Moldenhaur, and Mary L. Hook (Article)

Providing developmentally competent care for adolescents during labor and birth, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 2005

Adolescents and informed consent: ethical and legal issues, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Epidural anesthesia: a resource to use judiciously, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Improving midwifery practice: the American College of Nurse-Midwives' benchmarking project, Cathy Collins-Fulea, Julie J. Mohr, and Jackie Tillett (Article)

Medical students' knowledge of midwifery practice after didactic and clinical exposure, Lisa Hanson, Jackie Tillett, and Russell S. Kirby (Article)

Obstetric rituals: is practice supported by evidence?, Jackie Tillett (Article)

PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week celebrating our diversity, Stephanie Kassulke (Article)

Responses of hospital utilization review staff to reimbursement denials, Judith Westphal, Yulia Semeniuk, Julie Darmody, Roberta Pawlak, Mary L. Hook, and Mary Ellen Murray (Article)

Should elective cesarean birth be an accepted option for women?, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 2004

Becoming a Magnet hospital: the role of the perianesthesia nurse, Stephanie Kassulke (Article)

Culture and risk taking, Jackie Tillett (Response or Comment)

The use of vaccines in pregnancy, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Visions of perianesthesia nurses in action: PANAW February 7-13, 2005, Stephanie Kassulke (Article)

Works from 2003

From the editors, Jackie Tillett, Diane J. Angelini, and Susan Blackburn (Editorial)

Use of over-the-counter medications during pregnancy, Jackie Tillett, Loryjean M. Kostitch, and Leona VandeVusse (Article)

Works from 2002

Reaching Out, Touching Lives: PANAW 2003... PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week, Stephanie Kassulke (Article)

Works from 2001

Substance abuse by pregnant women: legal and ethical concerns, Jackie Tillett and Kathryn Osborne (Article)

Works from 2000

Coordinating the care of the chronically ill in a world of managed care, Mary Schifalacqua, Mary L. Hook, Paula O'Hearn, and Mary E. Schmidt (Article)

The Labor Progress Handbook: Early Interventions to Prevent and Treat Dystocia, Jackie Tillett (Article)

Works from 1999

Midwifery triage and management of trauma and second/third trimester bleeding, Jackie Tillett and Lisa Hanson (Article)

Works from 1991

"Take Heart ..."--developing support sessions for families of acutely ill cardiac patients, Mary G. Schigoda and Mary L. Hook (Article)

Works from 1987

Comparison of the patency of arterial lines maintained with heparinized and nonheparinized infusions. The Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Nursing Research Committee of St. Luke's Hospital, Mary L. Hook, J Reuling, Mary L. Luettgen, S O Norris, Claire C. Elsesser, and M K Leonard (Article)