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Works from 2016

Implementing survivorship care planning in a large integrated cancer program, M. Jamie Cairo, Carol Huibregtse, Adam Ferry, and James Weese (Abstract)

Insights from building a new National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Network Program site, Thomas J. Saphner, Michael A. Thompson, Sara Planton, Maharaj Singh, Neha Glandt, Lisa Robinson, and Jan DeBartolo (Article)

Integration of a clinical pathways software into an EHR in a large, multisite, hospital-affiliated community oncology setting, Corey J. Shamah, Thomas J. Saphner, Jacob C. Frick, Carol Huibregtse, and Gail Stiemke (Abstract)

Measures of appropriateness and value for breast surgeons and their patients: the american society of breast surgeons choosing wisely (®) initiative, Jeffrey Landercasper, Lisa Bailey, Tiffany S Berry, Robert R Buras, Amy C Degnim, Oluwadamilola M Fayanju, Joshua Froman, Jennifer Gass, Caprice Greenberg, Starr Koslow Mautner, Helen Krontiras, Roshni Rao, Michelle Sowden, Judy A. Tjoe, Barbara Wexelman, Lee Wilke, and Steven L Chen (Article)

Metastatic bone disease: femur—tibia, Nicholas Webber (Book Chapter)


MGMT inhibition by disulfiram sensitizes ER+ breast cancer cells to temozolomide and cyclophosphamide, Santhi Konduri, Deborah Donohoe, Alisher Holmuhamednov, Tarun Jella, and George C. Bobustuc (Poster)

Multiple myeloma vaccination sequential immune response pilot study, Michael A. Thompson, Martin K. Oaks, John O Richards, Maharaj Singh, Thomas S S. Smith, Karen M. Michel, Andinet W. Alemu, Michael P. Mullane, Husam S. Tarawneh, Angela M. Kraut, Kayla J. Hamm, and Carla Fuentes (Abstract)

New insights into estrogenic regulation of O(6)-methylguanine DNA-methyltransferase (MGMT) in human breast cancer cells: Co-degradation of ER-α and MGMT proteins by fulvestrant or O(6)-benzylguanine indicates fresh avenues for therapy, Ameya Paranjpe, Nathan I Bailey, Santhi Konduri, George C. Bobustuc, Francis Ali-Osman, Mohd A Yusuf, Surendra R Punganuru, Hanumantha Rao Madala, Debasish Basak, Agm Mostofa, and Kalkunte S Srivenugopal (Article)

New primary palliative care (PC) model for community cancer clinics (CCC), Cheruppolil R. Santhosh-Kumar, Deborah Gray, Stephanie Struve, Carol Huibregtse, and Qiaofang Chen (Abstract)

NK cell-mediated antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity is enhanced by tamoxifen in HER2/neu non-amplified, but not HER2/neu-amplified, breast cancer cells, John O Richards, Alex J. Albers, Thomas S Smith, and Judy A. Tjoe (Article)

Risk factors of trastuzumab-induced cardiotoxicity in breast cancer: A meta-analysis, Zeeshan Jawa, Ruth M Perez, Lydia Garlie, Maharaj Singh, Rubina Qamar, Bijoy K Khandheria, Arshad Jahangir, and Yang Shi (Article)

Selective omission of level V nodal coverage for patients with oropharyngeal cancer: Clinical validation of intensity-modulated radiotherapy experience and dosimetric significance, Pranshu Mohindra, Erich Urban, Jonathan D Pagan, Heather M Geye, Vatsal B Patel, R Adam A Bayliss, Edward T Bender, and Paul M Harari (Article)

Social media and internet resources for patients with blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm (bpdcn), Naveen Pemmaraju, Vikas Gupta, Michael A. Thompson, and Andrew A. Lane (Article)

Social media and myeloproliferative neoplasms (mpn): analysis of advanced metrics from the first year of a new twitter community: #mpnsm, Naveen Pemmaraju, Audun Utengen, Vikas Gupta, Jean-Jacques Kiladjian, Ruben Mesa, and Michael A. Thompson (Article)

Social media in cancer care: highlights, challenges & opportunities, Deanna J Attai, Mina S Sedrak, Matthew S Katz, Michael A. Thompson, Patricia F Anderson, Jennifer C Kesselheim, Michael J Fisch, David L Graham, Audun Utengen, Claire Johnston, Robert S Miller, and Don S Dizon (Article)

Social media in cancer care: highlights, challenges & opportunities, Deanna J Attai, Mina S Sedrak, Matthew S Katz, Michael A. Thompson, Patricia F Anderson, Jennifer C Kesselheim, Michael J Fisch, David L Graham, Audun Utengen, Claire Johnston, Robert S Miller, and Don S Dizon (Article)

Survivors speak: a qualitative analysis of motivational factors influencing breast cancer survivors' participation in a sprint distance triathlon, Karen M Robinson, Linda B Piacentine, Leslie J. Waltke, Alexander V Ng, and Judy A. Tjoe (Article)

Targeting Estrogen Receptor Beta in a Phase 2 Study of High-Dose Estradiol in Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: A Wisconsin Oncology Network Study, Kari B Wisinski, Wei Xu, Amye J Tevaarwerk, Sandeep Saha, KyungMann Kim, Anne Traynor, Leah Dietrich, Robert Hegeman, Dhimant Patel, Jules Blank, Josephine Harter, and Mark E Burkard (Article)

The impact of perioperative β blocker use on patient outcomes after primary cytoreductive surgery in high-grade epithelial ovarian carcinoma, Ahmed Al-Niaimi, Elizabeth L. Dickson, Cassandra Albertin, Jennifer Karnowski, Cassandra Niemi, Ryan Spencer, Mian M K Shahzad, Shitanshu Uppal, Sandeep Saha, Laurel Rice, and Amy Mc Nally (Article)

The role of surgical primary tumor extirpation in de novo stage IV breast cancer in the era of targeted treatment, Judy A. Tjoe, Danielle M. Greer, and Ahmed Dalmar (Abstract)

Tumor diameter as a predictor of lymphatic dissemination in endometrioid endometrial cancer, Callie Cox Bauer, Danielle M. Greer, Jessica J. F. Kram, and Scott A. Kamelle (Article)


Understanding Health Care Costs in a Wisconsin Acute Leukemia Population, Patricia Steinert and Ron A. Cisler (Original Research)

Works from 2015

American Society of Clinical Oncology policy statement update: the critical role of phase I trials in cancer research and treatment, Jeffrey S Weber, Laura A Levit, Peter C Adamson, Suanna Bruinooge, Howard A Burris, Michael A Carducci, Adam P Dicker, Mithat Gönen, Stephen M Keefe, Michael A Postow, Michael A. Thompson, David M Waterhouse, Susan L Weiner, and Lynn M Schuchter (Article)


A Meta-Analysis of Incidence and Risk Factors of Trastuzumab-Induced Cardiotoxicity in Breast Cancer, Zeeshan Ali Jawa, Ruth M. Perez, Lydia Garlie, Maharaj Singh, Rubina Qamar, Bijoy K. Khandheria, Arshad Jahangir, and Yang Shi (Supplement)

A phase 2 study of weekly temsirolimus and bortezomib for relapsed or refractory B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma: A Wisconsin Oncology Network study, Timothy S Fenske, Namrata M Shah, Kyung Mann Kim, Sandeep Saha, Chong Zhang, Arielle E Baim, John P Farnen, Adedayo A Onitilo, Jules H Blank, Harish Ahuja, Tim Wassenaar, Rubina Qamar, Patrick Mansky, Anne M Traynor, and Ryan J Mattison (Article)


Breast Cancer Screening: Early Detection Is Not Enough, Judy A. Tjoe (Editorial)

Disease-Specific Hashtags for Online Communication About Cancer Care, Matthew S Katz, Audun Utengen, Patricia F Anderson, Michael A. Thompson, Deanna J Attai, Claire Johnston, and Don S Dizon (Article)


Does the Expression of Ki-67, p16 and COX-2 at Initial Diagnosis of Breast Atypia or Usual Ductal Hyperplasia Predict a Second Clinically Significant Event?, Judy A. Tjoe, Philippe Gascard, Jianxin Zhao, Gary F. Neitzel, Maharaj Singh, Brittany Last, James Marx, Thea Tlsty, and Sanjay Kansra (Supplement)

‘Everyone is an individual’: providing individualized treatment in oncology, Michael A. Thompson (Article)

Hepatology: Complete regression of locally advanced hepatocellular carcinoma following Sorafenib monotherapy, Shiva Kumar (Article)

Improving quality metric adherence to minimally invasive breast biopsy among surgeons within a multihospital health care system, Judy A. Tjoe, Danielle M. Greer, Sue Ihde, Diane A Bares, Wendy M Mikkelson, and James Weese (Article)

Incidence of cutaneous malignant melanoma by socioeconomic status in Canada: 1992-2006, Stephanie E Johnson-Obaseki, Varant Labajian, Martin Corsten, and James T McDonald (Article)

Incidence of differentiated thyroid cancer in Canada by City of residence, Martin Corsten, Matthew Hearn, James Ted McDonald, and Stephanie Johnson-Obaseki (Article)

In support of a patient-driven initiative and petition to lower the high price of cancer drugs, A Tefferi, H Kantarjian, S V. Rajkumar, and Michael A. Thompson (Article)

Integrated molecular pathology accurately determines the malignant potential of pancreatic cysts, MA Al-Haddad, T Kowalski, A Siddiqui, H R. Mertz, D Mallat, N Haddad, N Malhotra, B Sadowski, M J. Lybik, Marc F Catalano, S N. Okoh, L Rosenkranz, M Karasik, M Golioto, J Linder, and S N. Patel (Article)


In Vitro Growth Suppression of Renal Carcinoma Cells by Curcumin, Santhi D. Konduri, Madhavi Latha Yadav Bangaru, Phu Thanh Do, Shenglin Chen, Jeffrey Woodliff, and Sanjay Kansra (Original Research)


In Vitro Growth Suppression of Renal Carcinoma Cells by Curcumin, Santhi Konduri, Madhavi Latha Yadav Bangaru, Phu Thanh Do, Shenglin Chen, Jeffrey Woodliff, and Sanjay Kansra (Supplement)


Mailed At-Home FIT Intervention to Increase Colorectal Screenings at Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers, Alexander V. Herrera, Brian Hilgeman, Michelle Buelow, and Melissa A. Lemke (Supplement)

MGMT inhibition suppresses survivin expression in pancreatic cancer, George C. Bobustuc, Anand Patel, Michael A. Thompson, Kalkunte S Srivenugopal, Jacob Frick, James Weese, and Santhi D. Konduri (Article)

Multimodality imaging in cardiooncology, Fausto Pizzino, Giampiero Vizzari, Rubina Qamar, Charles A. Bomzer, Scipione Carerj, Concetta Zito, and Bijoy K. Khandheria M.D. (Article)


PRACTC: Practice Readiness Academic Clinical Training Collaborative –– Gap Analysis to Advance Clinical Training for Nurse Practitioner Students, Jennifer Hartlaub, Mary Ann Muzi, M. Jamie Cairo, John R. Brill, James Weese, Kristin Rivera, Susan Hafemann, Ann M. Rohrer, Julia Schumacher, and Terri L. Vandenhouten (Supplement)

Prospective Validation of a 21-Gene Expression Assay in Breast Cancer, Joseph A Sparano, Robert J Gray, Della F Makower, Kathleen I Pritchard, Kathy S Albain, Daniel F Hayes, Charles E Geyer, Elizabeth C Dees, Edith A Perez, John A Olson, JoAnne Zujewski, Tracy Lively, Sunil S Badve, Thomas J. Saphner, Lynne I Wagner, Timothy J Whelan, Matthew J Ellis, Soonmyung Paik, William C Wood, Peter Ravdin, Maccon M Keane, Henry L Gomez Moreno, Pavan S Reddy, Timothy F Goggins, Ingrid A Mayer, Adam M Brufsky, Deborah L Toppmeyer, Virginia G Kaklamani, James N Atkins, Jeffrey L Berenberg, and George W Sledge (Article)

Role of endovascular stenting in radiation-induced stenosis of lower extremity veins, Harold K Elias, M. Fuad Jan, and Suhail Allaqaband (Case Report)

Role of surgical staging and adjuvant chemotherapy in the treatment of uterine carcinosarcoma, O. Cabrera, C. Cho, Ahmed Dalmar, and Ali Mahdavi (Abstract)

Social Media and Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN)-Focus on Twitter and the Development of a Disease-specific Community: #MPNSM, Naveen Pemmaraju, Vikas Gupta, Ruben Mesa, and Michael A. Thompson (Article)

Social Media and the practicing hematologist: Twitter 101 for the busy healthcare provider, Michael A. Thompson, Navneet S Majhail, William A Wood, Miguel-Angel Perales, and Mélanie Chaboissier (Article)

Synovial sarcoma invades the left atrium: visualization with three-dimensional trans-oesophageal echocardiography, Imaad Razzaque, Bijoy Khandheria, Renuka Jain, Suhail Allaqaband, and Khawaja A. Ammar (Article)

Use of survivorship care plans to improve cost effective care following adjuvant treatment for breast cancer: e#42, Jean Rosiak (Abstract)

Using social media to learn and communicate: it is not about the tweet, Michael A. Thompson (Article)


What Are the Recommended Timing and Screening Modalities for Women at Higher Risk of Developing Breast Cancer? A Clin-IQ, Summer Jatala, Shawn Fitzgerald, Pamela Tietze, Kalyanakrishnan Ramakrisnan, Laine H. McCarthy, and Elizabeth Wickersham (Topic Synopsis)

Works from 2014

An analysis of cancer-specific Twitter conversations among physicians in 2013, Brian Bowers Reid, Kayla Nicole Rodriguez, Michael A. Thompson, and Greg Dean Matthews (Abstract)


An Overview of Cancer Rehabilitation and Exercise in the Literature: Promoting Increased Referrals to Improve Oncology Outcomes, Leslie J. Waltke (Review)


An Uncommon Presentation for Cardiac Melanoma, Burcu Gul, Michael N. Young, David A. Slosky, Mark A. Lawson, and Jeffrey N. Rottman (Review)


A Rendezvous with an Unexpected Diagnosis, Helen C. Williams and Alexandria Rogers (From the Other Side of the Table)


Assessing Technologies for Information-Seeking on Prostate Cancer Screening by Low-Income Men, Susan W. McRoy, Emily M. Cramer, and Hayeon Song (Original Research)

A standardized approach for managing chemotherapy-induced rash, Laura E. Poggi, Jennifer Godden, and Sol Yoder (Poster)


Autoantibodies to the NY-ESO-1 Tumor Antigen in Metastatic Melanoma: Sialylation of the Fc Region of Immunoglobulin G Induces Differential Expression Signatures of Inflammatory Molecules During Dendritic Cell Differentiation and Maturation, Martin Oaks, Nathaniel Rein, John O. Richards, and James Shaffer (Original Research)

Bone mineral density screening should be routine in lymphoma patients, Michael A. Thompson, Jason R. Westin, and Frederick B. Hagemeister (Letter)

Breast atypia: timing of progression to subsequent clinically significant event, Judy A. Tjoe, Maharaj Singh, Brittany S. Last, Gary F. Neitzl, J J. Marx, and C Jewett (Abstract)


Cardio-Oncology: Success Breeds New Challenges, Opportunities, Charles A. Bomzer and Bijoy K. Khandheria (Editorial)


Cardiovascular Toxicity of Common Chemotherapy Drugs Used to Treat Breast Cancer: An Overview, Charles A. Bomzer (Review)

Connect MDS and AML: The myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and acute myeloid leukemia (AML) disease registry, David P. Steensma, Mehrdad Abedi, Eyal C. Attar, Rafael Bejar, Christopher R. Cogle, Guillermo Garcia-Manero, David L. Grinblatt, Xiaomei Ma, Jaroslaw P. Maciejewski, Daniel Aaron Pollyea, Gail J. Roboz, Michael Savona, Bart L. Scott, Mikkael A. Sekeres, and Michael A. Thompson (Abstract)

Current surgical treatment strategies for hepatocellular carcinoma in North America, Adeel S Khan, Kathryn J Fowler, and William C Chapman (Article)


Diagnosis of Chemotherapy-Induced Cardiotoxicity, Fausto Pizzino, Giampiero Vizzari, Charles A. Bomzer, Rubina Qamar, Scipione Carerj, Concetta Zito, and Bijoy K. Khandheria (Review)

Does expression of estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and HER2 in atypical breast lesions predict a subsequent clinically significant event?, Judy A. Tjoe, Gary F. Neitzl, Maharaj Singh, Brittany S. Last, James Marx, and Sanjay Kansra (Poster)

Expression pattern of estrogen, progesterone and HER2/neu receptors in atypical breast lesions does not predict subsequent clinically significant event, Judy A. Tjoe, Gary F. Neitzl, Maharaj Singh, Brittany S. Last, and Sanjay Kansra (Abstract)

Feasibility of 4 cycles of docetaxel and cyclophosphamide every 14 days as an adjuvant regimen for breast cancer: a Wisconsin Oncology Network study, Mark E Burkard, Kari B Wisinski, Uchenna O Njiaju, Sarahmaria Donohue, Robert Hegeman, Amy Stella, Patrick Mansky, Varsha Shah, Timothy Goggins, Rubina Qamar, Leah Dietrich, Kyungmann Kim, Anne M Traynor, and Amye J Tevaarwerk (Article)

Getting quality data back to frontline providers, Anne Barry-Weers, Carol Huibregtse, Sue Ihde, Marija Bjegovich-Weidman, and James Weese (Poster)

Implementation of pharmacy services in 22 oncology clinics, Ashley Feldt and Jennifer Godden (Poster)

Improving oncology patients' perception of pain management in the inpatient setting using a multidisciplinary approach, Jayme Cotter (Abstract)

Interventions to optimize the use of colony-stimulating factors, Heena Rathod and Sol Yoder (Poster)

Major complication rate after mastectomy with implant reconstruction in a community hospital setting, William L. Owens (Abstract)


Melanoma: Attacking on Many Fronts, Michael A. Thompson (Editorial)

Multiple Myeloma Vaccination Patterns from a Large Health System: An Example of Cancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR), Andinet Alemu, John Richards, Maharaj Singh, Jenna K. Mandler, Martin Oaks, Jackie K. Blundon, and Michael A. Thompson (Abstract)

Oncologic, functional and surgical outcomes of primary Transoral Robotic Surgery for early squamous cell cancer of the oropharynx: a systematic review, Kate Kelly, Stephanie Johnson-Obaseki, Julie Lumingu, and Martin Corsten (Article)

Phase III randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study of intravenous calcium and magnesium to prevent oxaliplatin-induced sensory neurotoxicity (N08CB/Alliance), Charles L Loprinzi, Rui Qin, Shaker R Dakhil, Louis Fehrenbacher, Kathleen A Flynn, Pamela Atherton, Drew Seisler, Rubina Qamar, Grant C Lewis, and Axel Grothey (Article)


Primary Care for Melanoma: Should We Be Screaming for Screening?, Dennis J. Baumgardner and Alexandria Rogers (Review)

Psychosocial and physiological effects of triathlon training in breast cancer survivors, Ashley A. Engel, Alyson N. Cybulski, Karen Robinson, Linda B. Piacentine, Judy A. Tjoe, Leslie J. Waltke, Paula E. Pananek, and Alexander V. Ng (Poster)

Role of endovascular stenting in radiation-induced stenosis of lower extremity veins, Harold K Elias, M Fuad Jan, and Suhail Q Allaqaband (Article)


Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Head and Neck Melanoma: A Review, Martin Corsten and Stephanie Johnson-Obaseki (Review)

Social media in clinical trials, Michael A. Thompson (Article)

“Surgery-chemotherapy-radiation, followed by a different kind of triathlon”: medically directed group exercise program is unique and effective among overweight and obese breast cancer survivors, Judy A. Tjoe, Leslie J. Waltke, Ashley A. Engel, Alyson N. Cybulski, Karen Robinson, Linda B. Piacentine, Paula E. Papanek, and Alexander V. Ng (Abstract)


Targeted Therapy for Cutaneous Melanoma: Beyond BRAF..., Michael A. Davies (Review)


The Molecular Biology and Treatment of Malignant Melanoma with BRAFV600 Mutations, Michael P. Mullane (Review)

Use of the National Cancer Institute Community Cancer Centers Program screening and accrual log to address cancer clinical trial accrual, Diane St Germain, Andrea M Denicoff, Eileen P Dimond, Angela Carrigan, Rebecca A Enos, Maria M Gonzalez, Kathy Wilkinson, Michelle A Mathiason, Brenda Duggan, Shaun Einolf, Worta McCaskill-Stevens, Donna M Bryant, Michael A. Thompson, Stephen S Grubbs, and Ronald S Go (Article)

Works from 2013

Autoantibodies targeting tumor-associated antigens in metastatic cancer: Sialylated IgGs as candidate anti-inflammatory antibodies, Martin Oaks, Samuel Taylor, and James Shaffer (Article)

Cardioncology: state of the heart, Maria Chiara Todaro; Lilia Oreto; Rubina Qamar; Timothy E. Paterick M.D., J.D.; Scipione Carerj; and Bijoy K. Khandheria (Article)

Multimodality imaging of cardiac tumour, Anushree Agarwal M.D., Khawaja A. Ammar, David Baugh, Ramagopal Tumuluri, and Bijoy K. Khandheria (Article)

Works from 2012

Flow cytometry assessment of residual melanoma cells in tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte cultures, John O. Richards, Jonathan Treisman, Nina Garlie, John P. Hanson, and Martin Oaks (Article)

Works from 2011

Role of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with early stage uterine papillary serous cancer, Ali Mahdavi, Tania R Tajalli, Ahmed Y. Dalmar, Steven A Vasilev, Scott E Lentz, and Michael L Berman (Article)