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Works from 2019


Advanced practice nurse collaboration with an established community-based palliative care model, Patrice Fedel and Gwen Pennington (Poster)


Goals of care conversations: an evaluation, Elizabeth Duthie, Colleen M. Galambos, Theresa Frederick, Jacob Verkuilen, and Timothy Jessick (Abstract)

Works from 2016

Improving patient-centered care, Timothy Jessick and David Weissman (Article)


Palliative care, Martin O. Bazelak (Book Chapter)

Works from 2015

Can the Electronic Health Record Identify Vulnerable Older Adults in Need of a Palliative Care Assessment in the Hospital Setting?, James D Hocker, Ariba Khan, Maharaj Singh, Mary L. Hook, Michelle R. Simpson, Aaron Malsch, Marsha Vollbrecht, and Michael Malone (Article)

Guest editorial: A care perspective: palliative care, Julia Lewis (Editorial)

Improving generalist palliative care for hospitalized seriously ill patients, David Weissman, Timothy Jessick, Andrew McDonagh, and Suzie Feuling (Book)

Works from 2014

A Survey of Concerns in End-of-Life Care: Perspective from Pakistan: C92, Ariba Khan, Maharaj Singh, Z Azziz, and A Siddiqui (Abstract)

Use of the Palliative Performance Scale version 2 in obtaining palliative care consults, Patrice Fedel, Laura L Joosse, and Lee Jeske (Article)

Works from 2013

Improving end-of-life care for ventricular assist devices (VAD) patients: paradox or protocol?, Peg McGonigal (Article)

The POLST paradigm and form:Facts and analysis, Christian Brugger, Louis C Breschi, Edith Mary Hart, Mark Kummer, John I Lane, Peter T Morrow, Franklin L. Smith, William L Toffler, Marisa Beffel, John F Brehany, Sara Buscher, and Rita L Marker (Article)

Works from 2011

A multidimensional assessment of the palliative care skills of a geriatrics practice: A70, Ariba Khan, Patti Pagel, Marsha Vollbrecht, Michael L. Malone, and E Khalid (Abstract)

Works from 1997

Advance directives in an outpatient geriatrics practice.:P93, A C. Choithani, E A. Burns, Ellen S. Danto-Nocton, J Johnston, R S. Kane, T T. Dao, N J. Rozario, and Michael L. Malone (Poster)