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Works from 2019


Ability of dual-energy CT to detect silicone gel breast implant rupture and nodal silicone spread, Katrina N Glazebrook, Stefan Doerge, Shuai Leng, Tammy A Drees, Katie N Hunt, Shannon N Zingula, Sandhya Pruthi, Jennifer R Geske, Rickey E Carter, Cynthia H McCollough, and Joel G Fletcher (Article)


Clinical decision support for high-cost imaging: a randomized clinical trial, Joseph Doyle, Sarah Abraham, Laura Feeney, Sarah Reimer, and Amy Finkelstein (Article)


Efficacy of well-being self-awareness and departmental interventions within a single radiology residency program, Mason Brown, Shelly Reimer, Nikesh Patel, William MacDonald, and Nicholas Dickson (Poster)


Incidence of Benign Breast Papillomas Diagnosed on Core Biopsy with Upstaging to Atypia or Malignancy on Surgical Excisional Biopsy, Salik Nazeer (Poster)


Making GME Scholarly Activity VIsible on Your Residency Program Website Using a Cloud-Based Scholarly Tool, William MacDonald (Poster)


Microsurgical anatomy of the vertical rami of the superior longitudinal fasciculus: an intraparietal sulcus dissection study, Alejandro Monroy-Sosa, Jonathan Jennings, Srikant S. Chakravarthi, Melanie B. Fukui, Juanita Celix, Nthaniel Kojis, Mark Lindsay, Sarika Walia, Richard Rovin, and Amin B. Kassam (Article)


MRI radiomic features are independently associated with overall survival in soft tissue sarcoma, Matthew B Spraker, Landon S Wootton, Daniel S Hippe, Kevin C. Ball, Jan C Peeken, Meghan W Macomber, Tobias R Chapman, Michael N Hoff, Edward Y Kim, Seth M Pollack, Stephanie E Combs, and Matthew J Nyflot (Article)


Palpable abdominal mass and recurrent fecal incontinence due to failure, Timothy Zellmer and William MacDonald (Case Report)


Raynaud's phenomenon manifesting as progressive abnormal MRI bone marrow signal in the toes, Mason A. Brown, Douglas Handley, and Andrew Simon (Article)

Works from 2018


Hindgut gastropancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma mimicking hydatid disease, Azza A Elgendy, William MacDonald, Joseph Whitnah, Daniel Malone, Brandon Johnson, and Nadia Huq (Case Report)


Many faces of Fabry's cardiomyopathy, Renuka Jain, Lindsey Kalvin, Brandon Johnson, Lakshmi Muthukumar, Bijoy K. Khandheria, and A Jamil Tajik (Article)

The surgical white matter chassis: a practical 3-dimensional atlas for planning subcortical surgical trajectories, Jonathan E. Jennings, Amin B. Kassam, Melanie B. Fukui, Alejandro Monroy-Sosa, Srikant S. Chakravarthi, Nthaniel Kojis, and Richard A. Rovin (Article)

Works from 2017

Initial experience with a robotically operated video optical telescopic-microscope in cranial neurosurgery: feasibility, safety, and clinical applications, Lior Gonen, Srikant S. Chakravarthi, Alejandro Monroy-Sosa, Juanita M. Celix, Nthaniel Kojis, Maharaj Singh, Jonathan Jennings, Melanie B. Fukui, Richard A. Rovin, and Amin B. Kassam (Article)

Metastatic breast cancer diagnosed by rubidium-82 positron emission tomography myocardial perfusion imaging, Ali Shafiq, Khawaja A. Ammar, Lynn Gilles, Nolan Machernis, Debra Mahlum, Panithaya Chareonthaitawee, and Steven C. Port (Article)

Works from 2016


An interdisciplinary process change: conversion of PICC line capping from heparin to normal saline, Angela Colella, Brandon Bodager, Frank C Spexarth, Natalie McDonough, and Deb Kastenholz (Poster)

Extradigital glomus tumor: a rare etiology for wrist soft tissue mass, Justin E. Friske, Vipul Sharma, S A. Kolpin, and Nicholas Webber (Case Report)

Pseudomyxoma peritonei and superior mesenteric vein thrombosis in a patient with appendiceal mucinous neoplasm, Mohammad Madani and Alex Sassani (Abstract)

Renal artery embolization for renal biopsy bleed, Paul J Rochon and Jiahao Hu (Article)

Three-dimensional quantification of myocardial perfusion during regadenoson stress computed tomography, Victor Mor-Avi, Nadjia Kachenoura, Francesco Maffessanti, Nicole M Bhave, Steven Port, Joseph A Lodato, Sonal Chandra, Benjamin H Freed, Roberto M Lang, and Amit R Patel (Article)

Works from 2015

Microbiology for radiologists: how to minimize infection transmission in the radiology department, Sobia K Mirza, Tyson R Tragon, Melanie B. Fukui, Matthew S Hartman, and Amy L Hartman (Article)

Works from 2014

Factors influencing post-spinal puncture headaches or leaks, Donald L. Garbett, Milan J. Joshi, Ashish R. Patel, and Tanya M. Garbett (Abstract)

Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (SIRVA), Brandon C. Taylor and David Hinke (Case Report)